The Hiatus System is a collection of mobile virtual reality stress reduction experiences created as a means to help individuals learn the practice of mindfulness and overcome the stressors of life. This VR application is not your average “sit in a pretty place” meditation, we strived to make these VR meditations unique, powerful, and effective. In doing so, we created several experiences that truly immerse the user in both virtual reality and the meditative practice.

We also strive to connect the user to the virtual world in a more physical way than simply looking around. We designed a wearable belt that allows the application to accurately record the users breath, and respond in real-time during the virtual experience. The first thing you learn when beginning mindfulness practice is to concentrate on your breath, and we want to make that first step a little bit easier.

Our focus is to create a program that can teach someone how to become mindful and help them reduce stress through a difficult part of in their life. This goal of this application was originally created in mind of medical patients undergoing anxiety provoking and/or autoimmune sensitive procedures such as various forms of cancer, though we see the benefits this system could have for all users.

Meet the Team

Photo of Kevin Bruggeman

Kevin Bruggeman

Founder, Designer, & Artist

Kevin Bruggeman is a third year graduate student studying Design at Ohio State University. The majority of the work Kevin does at Ohio State takes place at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Kevin is from Troy, Ohio and completed his bachelor of science in communication at Ohio University, majoring in games and animation. With the rise in popularity of virtual reality, Kevin was very eager to experiment with this emerging technology to see what capabilities it could have. Along with his love for games and animation, Kevin is passionate about psychology and mental health. Naturally, these passions began to combine, thus creating The Hiatus System. Kevin originally founded The Hiatus System in 2015 as a part of his undergraduate studies. Once arriving at Ohio State, Kevin met Skylar, making The Hiatus System what it is today.

Photo of Skylar Wurster

Skylar Wurster

Co-Founder & Computer Scientist

Skylar Wurster is a senior at Ohio State University, majoring in computer science and engineering. His focus is on computer graphics, and plans to attend graduate school to research applications for artificial intelligence inside of computer graphics. Skylar also serves as a team captain for Club Tennis, and is from Chicago, Illinois. At Ohio State, Skylar has researched with both the Graphics Laboratory in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department, as well as the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). It was at ACCAD that Skylar met Kevin and they began their work on The Hiatus System. Skylar is looking forward to the opportunities and work to be done on the application, and further collaboration with Kevin in this space.

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