This week started as a minor struggle, trying to find the link between the study and the work. After much thinking and reading, I have began to discover that the bridge to long lasting stress reduction and personal change/insight can be explored and pursued through the idea of mindfulness. The study of mindfulness has helped psychologist learn many ways to rewrite an individuals mindset via many different methods. One of the most important aspects of mindfulness practice, which I will be exploring first, is the idea of being completely conscious of the present moment. Where this study will lead I have yet to fully discover. For now, the goal is to discover what elements of spacial design can help visualize and enforce mindfulness meditation, and to design a space in VR that reflects this discovery. In order to do this I will be examining aspects of interior in relation to studies on “Zen” and relaxation spaces as well as researching much more about how people experience mindfulness. Finally, I intend to use an audio clip from Jon Kabat-Zinn as the mindfulness thinking/meditation guide. Below is the first version of my mind map. Note this will change over time.


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